Staying on top of the game is daunting enough in this age of digital disruption, but the journey does not have to be a lonely one. For the lawyer who is open to the challenge of re-inventing him or herself, the SmartLaw Guild creates a platform to share strategies, best practices, trends and resources to gear our law practices up for the future.

By bringing together like-minded practitioners under the SmartLaw Guild, the Law Society of Singapore tailors its initiatives for these forerunners and showcases their experiences for other members of the profession.

  • Get priority updates on the latest technology and business innovations
  • Be first to sign up for and enjoy full/partial sponsorship for hands-on training
  • Receive support for grant applications and/or technology adoption
  • Join overseas mission trips and showcase to an international audience
  • Be featured on Law Society website and Singapore Law Gazette
  • Plug in to the global “Smart” community of like-minded legal practitioners
  • Widen and grow your professional network
  1. Be certified under the SmartLaw Recognition Scheme
  2. Be a successful applicant of our past and/or present technology support schemes

*Complimentary membership is available to Singapore Law Practices upon meeting the eligibility criteria

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